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Financial Life Planning

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”
  - Soren Kierkegaard

Financial planning establishes the basis for the investment program. It is utilized to make clients aware of all issues to take into consideration with planning their future and inheritance issues. We take this approach with all clients to prioritize goals, establish appropriate asset allocation, present alternate solutions for reaching established goals, and to collect financial data as to all assets and liabilities and insurance products owned.

Our clients are serious about personal financial success in building family wealth through established goals consistent with a long-term view, and are receptive to building a close and connected relationship with their advisors.

In that way, we can avoid unnecessary lifestyle sacrifice and risk, identify problems and opportunities in advance to make better decisions, and create comfort that goals can be achieved.

More specifically, cash flow analysis and asset allocation projections are made in regard to establishing the probability of meeting all goals such as retirement income needs, college funding, retirement travel, savings, and survivor needs.

The benefits of our goal planning and monitoring process:

  • Focus on what is important
  • Identify aspirations
  • Evaluate whether risk is necessary
  • Solutions based on your priorities
  • Monitor progress (will I meet my goals?)
  • Update on demand
  • Confidence calculated, monitored and kept in "balance"

We are convinced investors want advice that enables them to live the one life they have, the best way they can. We give advice based on goals. It is meaningful advice because it’s based on you and helps you make sense out of competing personal goals. We can provide clarity to clients in the form of our process that shows you how to adjust your goals to achieve a personal balance that avoids unnecessary compromises and needless risk.

Program construction

At a minimum, an annual review of projections toward goals is conducted and re-allocation of portfolio is made if appropriate. Frequent progress reports will show in graphic form if the assets of the household are within a specific range to provide comfort that goals will be reached, whether client is sacrificing current lifestyle by not spending down assets, or whether client must make changes in financial habits in order to reach the stated goals. Alternative scenarios will be explored during review.

It is anticipated that we will work with the client’s other advisors for tax questions and estate planning issues in order to get to know the other advisors and so that all advisors work together to the benefit of the individual. A major part of our responsibility is to monitor the tasks, but implementation of the plan and meetings established with other advisors in pursuit of implementation will rest predominantly with the client.

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