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Portfolio and Asset Management

Our well-reasoned approach to managing your portfolio is to pursue your objectives through the thoughtful selection of stocks and bonds, in an allocation appropriate for your growth and cash flow needs. Your individual goals, risk tolerance and time horizon are factored into our investment decisions, as are ongoing changes in the market and your personal life.

When selecting equities, we look for companies with high profitability and financial strength across a diverse range of sectors. We strive for a blend of growth stocks and value stocks - identifying securities with a greater than average potential for earnings growth, as well as securities considered undervalued.

When selecting fixed income investments, we identify those that offer maximum yields and the highest credit ratings. To mitigate interest rate and inflation risks, we typically seek out short- to intermediate-duration debt investments issued by the U.S. government and its agencies, highly rated corporations and municipalities, and money market funds.

Mutual Funds and ETFs are used to complement our individual security selection to access asset classes such as small, mid and large cap US stocks, sectors, international stocks, core bonds, commodities and alternative asset classes, in order to improve asset allocation and diversification. Portfolios are sometimes invested entirely in mutual funds.

We focus on long term investing and follow established well-defined rules and screening processes, purposely steering clear of highly volatile financial instruments.

See our Disclosure Statement

Our disclosure statement will give you more detailed information on our philosophy, approach and portfolio construction, portfolio components, legacy program and mutual fund program.

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