A well defined financial plan is the foundation for creating an investment plan. A financial plan creates your personal financial map and navigates your long and short-term financial goals. Once your financial plan is in place, it’s easier to make investment decisions and stay on the right track to meet your goals. The invest plan component is where we create a customized asset allocation and investment plan to meet your individual goals and objectives and cash flow requirements.

  • Understanding an individual’s goals.
  • Determining client’s risk parameters.
  • Identify an asset allocation that is likely to deliver the required return within the risk parameters.
  • Using GPM software assess the likelihood that the investments strategy in conjunction with personal income and expense projections meet the objectives.
  • Design a migration strategy that will transition the existing securities  portfolio on a tax efficient basis to the Winthrop Partners portfolio.  Depending upon capital gains this process can take two or more years to effect.