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Assuming 5% annualized growth of $500k portfolio vs 8% annualized growth of advisor managed portfolio over 25 years. Source.




Debt and Spending Analysis

We measure the client’s debt and spending habits, then determine how those habits will impact their long-term goals.

Initial Understanding

We start by gaining an understanding of the client and their expectations. We assess their knowledge of the markets, their appetite for risk, and their ability to absorb that risk.

We Are Available

Since life happens outside of regular business hours, we make ourselves accessible 24/7 by providing our clients with our personal cell phone numbers.

Asset and Income Coordination

We ensure that our client’s assets and income are working together to achieve their specific financial goals.

Creating a Risk Profile

Next, we provide our clients with a brief, but highly effective risk assessment and evaluation, formulated from key principles of behavior finance.

For most wealth managers this is where the risk process ends, but at Winthrop, the client’s initial profile provides a basis for asset allocation, which is then checked, reviewed and confirmed.

Weekly Market Updates

We send a weekly market commentary including a review of the previous week’s equity, alternative asset, bond, and foreign exchange indices. This information regularly updates you on the forces impacting your portfolio.

Retirement Cash Flow Planning and Budgeting

We establish a solid plan for the client’s retirement, so they understand how their money is going to work for them and where their money is going to come from.

Portfolios Don’t Exceed the Client’s Appetite for Risk

After the client’s risk profile is established, we operate solely within their predetermined risk appetite. This encourages sustainability to achieve long-term goals.

Weekly Economic Updates

We send a weekly email reviewing the previous week’s economy internationally and globally.

Tax Strategy

We help develop a plan of action for reducing taxes regardless of the client’s investment situation. Our strategy is crafted to ensure that they pay the least amount possible.

Note: We do not provide tax advice.

Allocation is the Key

A well-designed portfolio allocation can help the client coordinate the number of investments they make, their spending patterns, and ultimately the timeline of their retirement.

Quarterly Capital Markets Update

Every quarter, we provide a Capital Markets Update to our clients from Raymond James, reviewing intricate details of what is happening in the markets.

Insurance Review

As a part of our client’s annual financial plan review, a thorough analysis of their existing insurance policies may uncover more attractively priced policies, stronger guarantees, and additional policy attributes.

Note: We do not sell life insurance.

Planning Further Informs Allocation

During the planning process, we assist in creating a diverse portfolio that highlights investment risks and likely returns.

Economic Calendar

We provide an Economic Calendar that lists all the known variables within the economy that could impact the markets in the coming weeks.

Estate Attorney Meeting Preparation

We review finances and documents such as wills, power of attorney, and other tools that assist in the management of the client’s estate. We then prepare and organize all necessary documents and information for meetings with an estate attorney.

Investment Selection

We create a customized investment plan that increases after tax returns, diversifies across asset classes, meets the client’s cash flow requirement, and avoids unnecessary risk.

Winthrop uses time-tested methodologies to select from stocks, bonds, REITs, ETFs, and mutual funds.

Email Recaps After Major Market Events

After something major occurs in the market that could be disconcerting to investors, we send out a memo that describes the situation, how their personal portfolio has been affected, and provide support and reassurance that the impact will resolve itself over time.

Online Access to Portfolio Overview and Simulation Tools

The “Play Zone” is a collaborative, online tool that allows clients to adjust changing factors such as age of retirement, spending goals, and investments, while instantly seeing the impacts of those variables.

Tax-Efficient Portfolio Transition

We keep capital gains taxes in the forefront when we transition portfolios to align with the client’s personal goals.

Email Updates for Portfolio Changes

Any changes that occur across the client’s portfolios receives an emailed explanation of what we are doing and why those changes have transpired.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once a portfolio is designed, we regularly monitor it. Occasionally the portfolio may need to be adjusted or changed for economic, tax, or personal reasons.

Portfolio Discussion Meetings

Whether it’s a formal annual review, quarterly telephonic update, or at the customer’s discretion, we are always available and accessible for our client’s financial questions.

Investment Management Services FAQ

▼ What is the minimum value of assets required to work with Winthrop Partners?

Generally, Winthrop Partners is ideal for individuals and families who have a minimum of $250,000.00 in investable assets.

▼ What are Winthrop Partners’ Investment Management fees?

Generally, we charge a fixed fee of 1% of AUM for our planning and Investment Management services. This fee may be reduced for accounts with large amounts of assets under management. For Investment Planning Services, we also offer a subscription fee for accounts that do not meet our minimums.

▼ What are Winthrop Partners’ certifications?

Winthrop Partners and its individual team members are members of CFP Board, NAPFA, Fee-Only Network, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and MD Preferred.

We are staffed with MBAs, CPAs, CFAs, ChFCs, and CFPs that provide a full-service wealth management and financial planning firm to satisfy the diverse needs of all our clients.

▼ What are the benefits of working with a fee-only advisor?

The benefits of having a fee-only advisor includes transparency, no hidden charges, and no undisclosed conflicts of interest to sell a certain product line or company offering. We receive no incentive from third parties to entice us to invest in their funds. Fee-only advisors work solely on their client’s behalf.

▼ What are the benefits of working with a financial advisor to manage your investments?

There are several benefits to working with a financial advisor for your investment management. Winthrop Partners provides professional guidance, experienced advice, and reassurance to give the client peace of mind and motivation to save. All your investments are consolidated into one plan.

▼ What makes Winthrop Partners different from other advisors when it comes to investment management?

As professionals our job is to help you make informed financial decisions using the full complement of resources at our disposal. Every step involves interaction between our team, the client, and outside professionals if needed.

  • Empathy: We take time to actively listen, understand, and confirm what we hear.
  • Fiduciary: We put you before us. We negotiate for you, not against you.
  • Experience: Over 150 years of combined experience.
  • Fee-only: We receive one clearly aligned fee and accept no commissions or other third-party fees that could sway our recommendations.
  • Execution: We are goal-based planners, trying to achieve your goals with the least amount of risk.

▼ How often will we meet to discuss the health of my portfolio?

We are available to meet with you as frequently as you desire! In the early stages of the relationship when a higher degree of financial planning may be involved, weekly or monthly meetings might be appropriate. When issues or changes in circumstances arise, we are there to help you assess the impact of these changes on your goals and to make any changes to your financial plan to keep you on track to achieving your goals. Once the relationship is established, most clients elect an informal quarterly telephonic update with a formal annual review.

▼ How often will you provide a report of my portfolio?

We provide annual reports of a client’s portfolio that are available anytime upon request.

▼ How can I access my reporting on my investment accounts?

Clients have online access through our custodian, Raymond James’s online portal, and can retrieve real-time investment holding reports and retirement plans at any time.

▼ Where are your offices?

We have locations in Doylestown, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Buffalo, NY; and Miami, FL.

Our Offices

Eastern Pennsylvania

Winthrop Partners

100 Mechanics Street, 1st Fl

Doylestown, PA 18901

Western Pennsylvania

Winthrop Partners

101 E. Swissvale Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Winthrop Partners

960 Penn Avenue, Suite 1001

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Western New York

Winthrop Partners

295 Main Street, Suite 840

Buffalo, NY 14203

Southern Florida

Winthrop Partners

8200 NW 41st St, STE 318

Doral, FL 33166

▼ How can I set-up a consultation?

Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our fee-only investment advisors. We will create a custom investment plan based on your financial goals and personal desires.

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Set up a free consultation to learn about our investment management services and how to take the first steps toward achieving your financial goals.

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