Financial risk comes in many forms and sizes.  During our initial investment in you, we are actively getting to know you, your financial circumstances, and your goals and objectives. We complement this process with a brief but highly effective survey of  your attitudes toward financial risk.  This survey is based on the key principle of Behavioral Finance:  Investors tend to perform much better when they are comfortable and aligned with their investment strategy.  

The financial markets are always tempting you to make a mistake, in short – “buy high and sell low.”  An investor who thinks their strategy is too risky or who otherwise distrusts it is tempted to break with their strategy at precisely the wrong time either to sell out when the market falters or to engage in euphoric buying at the top of the market.

By understanding one’s own risk tolerances and investing within these tolerances, the investor is much more likely to stick with a disciplined strategy that avoids common mistakes throughout the market cycle.