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  • What does your advisor’s initial client experience tell you about your future relationship?

The initial client experience is a critical period in the client-advisor relationship.  Having a personalized experience provides a strong foundation for establishing a long-term professional relationship.  When advisors have a refined process for welcoming new clients that is smooth, consistent, and efficient it can immediately solidify the relationships and instill trust.

3 reasons why your advisor’s initial client experience matters:

  1. Clients expect a superior service experience when placing trust & confidence with an advisor.
  2. The advisors process should demonstrate a commitment to service by them, setting them apart from the competition.
  3. Personalized service & communications are important while an advisor is guiding you towards long term financial security and achievement of your financial goals.  

Focused on You

Your relationship should start off focused on you, setting goals, and establishing expectations. Having a completely customized plan, tracking its progress and testing adjustments in real time is advantageous

Service commitment

Ensure the service delivered is in line with your expectations and serves your needs as best as possible.  The key phase during the introduction period is for the advisor to truly understand you, your financial circumstances, and your financial goals.  During this phase, the advisor should establish risk management parameters, create an asset allocation strategy, develop an investment policy, and ultimately develop a financial strategy and plan with your long-term and short-term goals in mind.

Ongoing client experience

Your meetings should include discussing and setting expectations, reviewing their investment process discussed in earlier meetings and reaffirming commitment to your investment policy.

It is important to monitor your progress and reprioritize your goals when necessary to keep moving forward as planned.  Future meetings should include a review of investments and goal plan to assess progress and recommend adjustments.  

As with any exceptional client experience, you should feel comfortable referring the advisor to your family and friends!